Australia : A Practical Guide to the Legal Profession in some English-speaking countries and Ukraine - С.М. Воронин и др : Книги по праву, правоведение


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to deal with – мати справу з / иметь дело с

law-making – законотворчий / законодательный

bankruptcy cases  - справи про банкрутство,  неспроможність / дела о банкротстве

 family law- сімейне право / семейное право

violation- порушення / нарушение

- Where is Australia situated?

- Australia, the island continent between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, lies south-east of Asia. It is the only state in the world occupying the territory of a whole continent.

- What is the official name of Australia?

- The official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. It includes, apart from the continent itself, the island of Tasmania and a number of small islands situated round the coast of the continent.

- What city is the capital of Australia?

- Canberra is.

- What form of government has Australia?

- It is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen of the United Kingdom is also Queen of Australia and the country’s head of the state. However, the Queen has little or no power in the Australian government. She serves mainly as a symbol of the historical tie between the two countries. Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the association formed by Britain and a number of its former colonies that are now independent states.

- What is the highest law-making body?

- The federal Parliament is the highest legislative organ. It consists of the upper house called the Senate and the lower house – the House of Representatives.

- Whom is the federal government headed by?

- It is officially headed by a Governor General, who represents the Queen. The actual head of the government is the Prime Minister.

- How is the executive branch of power formed?

- The Prime Minister appoints members of Parliament to head the government departments. The department heads, called ministers, and the Prime Minister make up the Cabinet. The Cabinet establishes major government policies.

- What is the composition of the judicial branch of power?

- The High Court of Australia decides constitutional questions. It also serves as the nation’s court of final appeals. Other federal courts deal with bankruptcy cases, family law, industrial disputes and violations of federal law. 

- What are the main  political parties of Australia?

- Australia has three political parties – the Australian Labour Party, the Liberal Party of Australia and the National Party of Australia.