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United States Military Justice System

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military law –військове право / военное право

to promote justice – сприяти відправленню правосуддя /  содействовать отправлению правосудие

to maintain order – підтримувати порядок / поддерживать порядок

martial law – воєнне положення / военное положение

court-martial – військовий суд, військовий трибунал / военный суд, военный трибунал

commissioned officer – офіцер / офицер

Judge-Advocate General – начальник управління військової юстиції / начальник управления военной юстиции (в США)

felonies – тяжкі злочини / тяжкие преступления

battlefield – поле бою / поле боя

What is the purpose of military law?

The purpose of military law is to promote justice, to assist in maintaining good order and effectiveness in the military establishment and strengthen the national security of the United States.

When was first American military code enacted?

First American military code was enacted in 1775 by the Continental Congress.

When was the Uniform Code of military justice (UCMJ) adopted?

Congress adopted this code in 1950. It was amended in 1983.

What is the aim of the Uniform Code?

The aim of the Uniform Code is to balance maximum military performance and maximum justice within the armed forces within the framework of the U.S. Constitution.

What does military law regulate?

Military law regulates the conduct of U.S. Armed Forces at all times and all places, outside as well as inside the United States. It is not to be confused with martial law, the suspension of ordinary law.

What is the lowest link in the military justice system of the U.S.?

The lowest link in the military justice system is a court-martial. The process of creating a military court-martial is known as “convening”.

What is a military judge?

The military judge is a senior ranking military lawyer appointed for a specific period of time. In the United States, a military judge is a commissioned officer of the armed forces who is a member of the Bar of the Federal Court or a member of the bar of the highest court of a State and who is certified to be qualified for duty as a military judge by the judge Advocate General of the military branch to which officer is a member.

When was the Military Police (MP) corps of the U.S. Army created?

The Military Police was created in 1941.

What is a primary goal for all Army law enforcement elements?

Crime prevention is a primary goal.

What is U.S. Army Criminal investigation Command?

It is the sole agency within the U.S. Army responsible for the investigation that is made up of both military and civilian law enforcement officials.

What unit is responsible for police operations on the battlefield?

U.S. Military Police have developed a Military Police three-man team to operate on the battlefield.

Highly mobile, well armed and equipped with first rate communication equipment, Military Police can respond quickly to the needs of the commander, in peace time or combat.